Latest Ingredient to hit my taste buds

Noritamago Furikake

I ordered this without knowing anything about it at all other than I knew it was to be used as a rice seasoning. It comes in a glass shaker with all of the lettering in Japanese (apart from a small badly printed label in English). I was planning on cooking a curry that night so the opportunity was there to try it out




Turns plain rice into a sublime dish. The flavour is based around the sense of umami (Umami a savoury tastes one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness).  The flavour is such that it becomes almost addictive!!

Noritamago is one of the most popular flavours of furikake (rice seasoning) in Japan. Nori means seaweed and tamago means egg. Included in this seasoning is dried Bonito (tuna) flakes and sesame seeds. Furikake translated to English is “sprinkle over”.


On investigation there are a few other types of furikake but I am not sure whether they are available in the UK.

Rice is not the only food staple that can benefit from a touch of furikake. Try sprinkling a little salmon or nori tamago furikake on freshly cooked pasta. Like Japonica rice, pasta is slightly sticky, especially when freshly cooked, so the furikake will stick to it and make a serving of plain pasta into a great-tasting snack or light meal.

It, apparently, is fantastic on freshly made popcorn.

This really one to try !