Welcome, hello and hows you?

Welcome to my blog, I hope to bring you thoughts, beliefs and hopes in the wonderful world of food and drink. I will be bringing you reviews on products I come across (or have already come across). Equipment for the kitchen is my favourite thing to look at and evaluate as I am a gadget junkie! (Lookout for my first review which will be of a vacuum sealer for under £30!!! )

Ingredients will also be under the spotlight. I will look at new to the market ingredients. Quality, methods of use and value for money will be some of the criteria that will come under my magnifying glass. Existing and well known ingredients will be compared to alternatives, stores own brand for instance.


Food politics (I hate the word politics) is a big thing right now. Government legislature, food campaigns (slow food campaign is one of my favourites) will feature every so often but not so much as to become overwhelming.

20160307_184632 1
Casseroled Lamb Hearts


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